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Beyond the Cliffs of Moher

"Beyond the Cliffs of Moher," by Darlene Walton, is arranged for both small and large harps and no sharp or flats are required. It has a wide variety of Irish tunes, including Danny Boy and Greensleeves. Some are easy and some are more challenging. Fingering and chord notations is included for each of the forty-two tunes.

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Music - 1210


This Celtic solo book is designed for the Harpsicle® Harp and other small harps, although larger harps can also easily play this music. The range is from C below middle C on the low end, to the high G two and one half octaves above middle C.

42 Songs Including:
Minstrel Boy
Beyond the Cliffs of Moher
Down by the Salley Gardens
Molly Malone
Robert Hawkes
The Ash Grove
Blind Mary
The Snowy Breasted Pearl
Kemp's Jig
Morgan Magan 
Galway Piper
Waltz of the Wild Swans
Where the River Shannon Flows