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Black Strap

Strap your harp on to play while sitting, standing, or moving. This black strap is made of durable fade resistant nylon with leather ends. Made in the USA.

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Acc - 6581


All Harpsicle® Harps come with guitar strap buttons installed at the shoulder and low on the front of the column. Simply attach each end of the strap to the buttons. Put your left arm and head through the guitar strap loop making sure that the strap crosses over your right shoulder, across your back, and under your left arm. You will want to adjust the length of the strap and situate the harp so that it rest comfortably against your body. Depending on your body type this position may vary a little for each person. Play around with the positioning and do what feels the most comfortable to you as long as your head stays on the left side of the harp.