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Wow! When we first introduced our little Harpsicle® Harp to the world, in 2003, we had no idea it would someday became the best-selling harp in the world. Really...we didn’t...not a clue. Still, it didn’t take long for emails and photos and stories to start pouring back in to us from our customers. People were taking these little harps to places harps had never been and using them in ways we had never imagined. Our customers were marching in parades while playing and backpacking miles in to remote places where they played surrounded by tall red rock spires. They sent us photos of themselves playing between the paws of the Shpinx in Egypt, on the streets with Turkish musicians and with UN programs in a thatched hut in Micronesia. We had originally thought of Harpsicle® Harps as strictly a beginner’s instrument but professionals around the globe use them as their travel harp, the one they can toss into the airline overhead while their big harp is trapped inside a massive harp trunk. Harp teachers describe all the innovative ways they are using them in classrooms and in private lessons. Therapists and outreach programs use them to connect people to the world and back to themselves. And, just as we thought, beginners flock to them because they take the fear out of the harp and fill that space with what always should have been there in the first place - fun.

All of us at Rees Harps Inc feel lucky to be involved with the Harpsicle® harp. We still make each and every one, by hand, in Rising Sun, Indiana, smack in the middle of the USA. We have been building top of the line concert lever harps for forty years and we thought we knew harps but Harpsicles® harps have changed us. They have taken the limits off the harp and set it free. Where will you take yours and where will yours take you?